Polish Technological Platform on Raw Materials

Beginnings of the Platform

Polish Technological Platform on Raw Materials  was established in February 2011 on KGHM CUPRUM's initiative. KGHM CUPRUM R&D Centre coordinates the activity of the Platform.


Among 26 different institutions and organizations which joined Polish Technological Platform on Raw Materials, there are: The Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials,  Central Mining Institute, Coal Company, University of Wroclaw, Mining and Smelting Plant "Boleslaw" Co., Employers' Association - Polish Copper.


Long-lasting and active co-operation for effective use of raw materials, consistent with sustainable development principles, using innovative and modern solutions and technologies, as well as initiation and conducting economic undertakings and promotion activities.


  • Integration of scientific and industrial partners crucial for mineral raw materials sector;
  • Diagnosis of current Polish policy on raw materials and preparing some suggestion of changes in this policy;
  • Developing long-lasting strategy for development of Polish mineral raw materials industry;
  • Determining priority short-term targets for Platform's activity;
  • Initiation of joint R&D projects and economic undertakings aimed at using new, innovative technologies and solutions;
  • Applying for financial means from domestic funds and EU framework programs for research works and technology transfer;
  • Creation of domestic research programs;
  • Education, promotion and dissemination of knowledge on sustainable economy of mineral raw materials;
  • Developing the policy and law regulations in the area of mineral raw materials sector, at domestic and European level;
  • Taking the endeavour to represent Polish sector of mineral raw materials in High Level Group of European Technological Platform on Sustainable Mineral Resources;
  • Co-operation with Polish government in developing the strategy for development of Polish mineral raw material sector.


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